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At Board of Innovation our aim is to empower 100 million people to innovate, by building the most contagious innovation agency. We're proud to work with clients like GE, Philips, Danone, AB InBev, ING and Roche - around the globe. Our overall goal is to have a long-term impact on the innovation culture: helping these corporates to build up innovation capabilities, so they can become more responsive in this fast-moving world.

Business Model Innovation at Board of Innovation:

Here at Board of Innovation, we have a holistic approach to business modeling. We design businesses just like we design products. Together with target segment & user research, we do comprehensive market & competitor research. We focus on outlining the dominant business models & most important long-held beliefs that can be disrupted. When we prototype solutions, we model business models. Our product reviews are followed by business model evaluation exercises. And finally, while experimenting with our prototypes, we experiment with different business models too.

We don’t believe in forcing someone into a specific job function. Your role will be shaped based on your own interest and experience, as well as those of your team members; and even more importantly, everyone's role is expected to evolve continuously. Consider this as a starting point for the role of Business Model Innovation expert:

Board of Innovation is organised in entrepreneurial self-steering teams. We believe consultants don’t need to be managed, but need to be given the freedom and trust to organise themselves as teams. That’s why at Board of Innovation, you can grow in different critical business roles and are being empowered to have a direct contribution to our overall strategy and growth.


Do you sometimes catch yourself having a hard time falling asleep because you just mùst understand how that particular startup structures their operations? Are you sometimes baffled by the fact that you can’t go to a bar without trying to calculate their revenues? Were you the one who read about how WhatsApp Business structured their pricing to incentivise businesses to reply to their customers within 24hours & just had to tell all your colleagues about it?

We are looking for you!

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