Growth Marketeer / Growth Hacker

Antwerp, Flanders, Belgium


Many of the new corporate teams we support, don’t have any basic knowledge about the latest techniques in digital marketing. You are expected to help out these teams in their startup journey. Together with them you will design & launch experiments to validate business assumptions.

“Which elements of our new service do our early adopters really like?”
“Do we even target the most relevant audience or should we pivot to another segment?”
Questions like this will end up on your plate.

You are not a talker, but a do-er! You are able to develop your own solutions to answer these questions. By working closely together with teams, you’re able to inspire & train them on how to adopt a similar mindset. Once they are at a certain level, it’s time for you to jump to another challenge. Expect a lot of variation since we are not focused on just one specific industry.

Check below if you have the right skillset to inject some practical entrepreneurial knowledge in large organisations.


Digital Marketing

  1. Google Adwords/Facebook ads/PPC
  2. Email Campaigns & Automation, List building, Drip Campaigns
  3. SEO (copywriting, keyword lists,...)
  4. Inbound/Content marketing
  5. Conversion optimisation (Analytics, Goal setting,..)
  6. Community building/Social Channels/…

Tech & IT


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